Apr 22 at 09:33 PM

In ur Scorpio handstand when u say push up between ur shoulder blades r u protracting to hold the position I thought since it’s a backbend u retract , but protract to move into it and then squeeze ur blades togethor?


Mar 23 at 09:59 PM

Could you share more on how to breathe when in backbends and chest stands is the breathe the same for each position or is there differnt techniques depending on the shape your in?


Feb 26 at 09:30 PM

Hi guys does anyone know what happened to the valentines floor workshop video :(

Day 8 the coolest wave movement in a wheel position felicity u r the best thank u 🥰🤓

Oct 18 at 05:47 PM

Me too V **

Sep 08 at 11:16 PM

Ballerina class stretchies hehe 🙃
I loved this clsss so much my legs r very flexy but sometimes not strong enough compared to my passive flexibility this was such a gift thank you ☺️

Aug 13 at 04:15 PM

The rainbow lunge 🌈🥰
Hi felicity it says this video is currently not in subscription how do I fix this 😟
Why do you do four week sessions ? Is that how much time you like to spend before u see progress ?