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March 09

Helloo All!
A lil' motivation for those whose aim to go to gym! I really love going there, train with weights, out of my general trainings.. and of course i always get very inspired. There are sooo many possibilities for a poledancer 😜🤭 even if you don't feel comfortable for first.. you can adopt! Just don't forget to BE YOURSELF! 🥰
Have a nice weekend!

May 21, 2022

We are so excited to see you in our brand-new community! Feel free to share your stories by hitting “+ Post” in the top right corner. Let’s share our training photos and inspire our fellow members 😍

March 15

I've been using Align almost 1 year. Yes, i was already flexible enough when i started. But i discovered new skills of my body, i experienced a lot and not only learnt new shapes but i've built also new connection with my Body! Thank you Felicity 🩷

February 19

Sharing in case it helps someone else! Erika Kullberg did a podcast with the Author of Atomic Habits. The episode shared lots of great nuggets about how to stick to your goals if you lack discipline. Something that really stuck out to me is when the guy said "make it difficult to NOT complete your goals. Sleep in your workout gear if you have to." I went home and immediately rearranged my bedroom and gave my yoga mat a permanent spot in the middle of my room. My issue is I never have time to stretch, but now I literally have to jump over my Matt to get around my bedroom and I've found I've magicallly managed to stretch at least 4 times a week on Align! I think having that visual reminder forces me to show up, make time and stretch! If you're lacking discipline too, Have a look at the podcast here and see if it motivates you too to become a stretchy queen! ☺️xxx


Day 1 is up! ✨ There is also a guided meditation there. For best results listen to it every day until Friday!🥰  Also there is a PDF under the video the provides more information about the chakra system and  the Root chakra. ENJOY!💃


Front splits 🌺 Root Chakra ...

In this live session we work towards Front splits with the...
February 28

Felicity Bambi doll i don't find "i love me" Valentines ws. Could you pls help to find?

February 26

Hi guys does anyone know what happened to the valentines floor workshop video :(

January 02

Day 1 pole star flexibility challenge 2024. Got the kids involved too.


Join us tomorrow  at 10am ☺️⏰ ☕️ Let’s have a coffee and chat. In this session we will share our wins, struggles and move past training blocks 😍

January 09
• Edited (Jan 09, 2024)

Hey guys! I have loved seeing your pics from the challenge. HUGE well done 😍 My plan was to get you guys to all post on the pole star flexibility channel rather than the general so all the pictures are easy to find so if you can post your work for the challenge on there from now on would be great! (Its under private channel ) let me know if you cant find it. You are all doing WONDERFUL. Super proud of you all  x