Mar 19 at 07:24 AM

Exactly i found it in the best moment when it was needed.. thank you🥹💜


Mar 15 at 06:24 PM

I've been using Align almost 1 year. Yes, i was already flexible enough when i started. But i discovered new skills of my body, i experienced a lot and not only learnt new shapes but i've built also new connection with my Body! Thank you Felicity 🩷

Mar 10 at 07:13 AM



Mar 09 at 11:51 AM

Helloo All!
A lil' motivation for those whose aim to go to gym! I really love going there, train with weights, out of my general trainings.. and of course i always get very inspired. There are sooo many possibilities for a poledancer 😜🤭 even if you don't feel comfortable for first.. you can adopt! Just don't forget to BE YOURSELF! 🥰
Have a nice weekend!


Feb 28 at 02:44 PM

Felicity Bambi doll i don't find "i love me" Valentines ws. Could you pls help to find?

Jan 30 at 11:36 AM


I feel much better after this session it was so nice with all of you💜 even if I'm not ready for serious training at least I've done the Box split challange🤗 and let me share my Vision Board in spanish😄!because one of my goals is to improve my spanish.. Later I'm gonna look for some shots about how to be creative in gym🤭



Jan 01 at 07:44 PM

Unfortunately I don't have capacity for Pole Star Challange nowdays, but wouldn't skip training on the first day of New Year. Which is a Box Split Challange with my Little Futty Helpmeet 🤭 Masni🎀
Happy New Year to All!💜

Commented on Day 11 (all levels)

Nov 08 at 08:23 AM

Wow, for me this was one of the hardest. But the seated position with crossed legs and the letting away was amazing <3 I felt you just heard my thoughts :D I really needed this, thank you!

Commented on Day 3 (int/adv)

Oct 21 at 09:54 PM

Day 3, super cool class <3

Aug 05 at 06:31 PM

Very nice session, thank you!